How Aligned Are Your Intentions With Your Clients’ Best Interest

I’ve been busy with back to back in person and livestream conference presentations this month, so I haven’t had time to post as often here as I would like.

However, I was invited to be a guest journalist for CEO World Magazine, and my article on Why Your Intentions Impact Customer Buying Decisions was published – you can read it here.

Key points are:

We are Hard-Wired to Judge Others’ Intentions (For sales and service people that means get your intentions aligned with your clients’ best interests).

Your Intentions Can Fast-Track Trust (or Distrust) (For sales and service people, you know that most sales are won or lost based on whether customers trust you or not).

and How to Unlock the Power of Intention to Fast-Track Customer Trust (Which leads us back to the first point and the need for sales and service people to get clear about what you want FOR your customers and clients … not just what you want from them).

I hope you find time to read the article.

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