The BASICS of Selling

The BASICS of Selling self-assessments measure the following key steps in a proven success producing sales and communication process.

  1. Build trust
  2. Ask questions
  3. Show value
  4. Identify obstacles
  5. Confirm next steps
  6. Stay in touch
It is important to note that each of these self-assessments are to be treated as hypothetical self-development tools. They are in no way purporting to be an accurate assessment of competence or potential for sales success.
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Self-Assessment Step 4
How well do you Identify Obstacles in a sales or service role?

The self-assessment you are about to complete focuses on the fourth step in the BASICS of selling process …
the Identify obstacles step.

To complete this self-assessment, please read each statement and rate yourself using the following scale:

Never – this never applies to me
Rarely – this rarely ever applies to me, except for the odd occasion
Sometimes – this is descriptive of me for about 50% of the time
Often – this is descriptive of me more often than not
Always – this is always descriptive of me all the time