The impact of your intentions on living a happy flourishing and prosperous life

David’s top ten best seller on Amazon in the categories of Business Health and Self-Help.

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About the book

When you read Intentionomics, you’ll be guided by David through his well-researched and practical blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life, which will enhance your ability to:

  • Define what a prosperous life means for you
  • Build self-belief and strength of character
  • Improve the results you achieve in each of your life roles
  • Manage the ‘tough stuff’ life can throw your way
  • Develop success habits that are easy to learn and apply
  • Build and maintain higher levels of focus and internal motivation to pursue any aspirational goals you might seek to achieve
  • Attract and develop stronger levels of ‘trust relationships’
  • Tap into the power of intentional learning to ensure you are personally growing and not stagnating
  • Apply an intentional decision-making process to help you make confident and consistent wise choices.

David Penglase has a great message to help people with a very profound truth that, when followed, can lead to the good things we all desire in life.

Ron Willingham

Best selling author of “When Good Isn’t Good Enough”

Kindle Format

$9.99 inc gst

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