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Desired and sustainable behaviour change requires more intensive corporate learning programs … programs that combine learning, accountability and leadership to achieve the desired results.

From half and one-day masterclass presentations through to 12-month structured behaviour change programs, David has been designing, tailoring and facilitating intensive in-company behaviour change programs for his top-tier corporate clients for over two decades.

As a result of implementing the tools and techniques from the course, our success rate has gone from around 10% to averaging over 30% and in some cases 60%.

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David’s intensive masterclass programs are always tailored for each client
and are developed to deep dive into his three main topics:

Building Customer Trust

Building Customer Trust

To achieve better sales results and improve customer experiences
Building Leadership Trust

Building Leadership Trust

To develop more aspirational leadership
Building Self Trust

Building Self Trust

To increase employee motivation, engagement and success

Flexible Intensive In-Company Behaviour Change Programs

Because David owns the copyright to his own research and materials, this provides his clients with a range of flexible options for delivery to ensure the sustainable and desirable behaviour change is achieved.

What’s typically included:

  • One or more scientifically validated self-assessments and individual reports and feedback aligned with the topic
  • One or more often, a series of periodically conducted masterclasses (typically half to one-day duration over an extended timeline to suit existing corporate deadlines and goal achievement
  • Live-to-air interactive and recorded webinars
  • Purpose recorded 3 to 4 minute audio messages – delivered fortnightly via individual’s email as pattern interrupts and reminders of core messages
  • Tailored participant workbooks
  • Supporting materials including pocket guides, books, and on-line resources
  • Small group coaching/mentoring

Coach-the-Leader Accreditation Process

Many of David’s larger corporate clients have opted for David to coach and accredit company leaders to facilitate this program.

Recognising most leaders don’t have the time, nor do they want to become ‘trainers’, over many years of research, development and partnering with his client organisations, David has created his proven guided study video-based behaviour change process.

Leaders are provided with easy to implement facilitation guides and all the resources they require to implement the program when and where they choose with their teams.

  • Little preparation time required
  • Evidence-based and proven adult learning methodology
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Tailored specifically for your organisation

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