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If you are a conference or event organiser, here you will find all the bits and pieces I am typically asked to provide to make your pre‑event, at‑event, and post‑event a success.

If you can’t find what you need, or if you’d like us to add or change something for your event, please contact me.

Marketing & Logistics

Emcee Introduction

To make the job of your Emcee easier, we’ve crafted this intro in a way that bests positions David – it provides the topic, credibility, and personality.

Biography in Brief

This is approximately a 100-word bio that clients often use on their conference website or program brochures.

Audio Visual Logistics

While this is a fairly standard AV Setup, should any changes need to be made due to the venue or other logistical issues, David can be as flexible as you need him to be.

High Res Photos

Click on any of these photos for a full size version you can use for promotional purposes.