• More Clarity on What Really Matters
  • More Life & Work Satisfaction (with less stress)
  • More Goal Achievement (sooner than you think)
  • More Resilience to Manage the Tough Stuff in Life
If you’re a leader striving to be at your best, wanting to live a more meaningful, flourishing, and prosperous work and personal life … let me share with you an easier way – a way you can be proud of, inspired by and enjoy.
Coaching | David Penglase

Are we a good fit for coaching?

Before choosing (and investing) to work with a coach, you need to be comfortable and confident that the ‘fit’ is right, and know that your values are aligned, your personalities are compatible, and most importantly, that you like each other.

To gauge if I might be the right coach for you, please review my ‘Are We A Good Fit For Coaching?’ questionnaire.

I will also send you an outline of my proven coaching program, the investment you will need to make, and what other leaders say about their experience in working with me.

I will also send you a gift copy of the first chapter of my book, LIVING in the Light of Day where you’ll learn more about the ‘Success Trap’ … and how to avoid it.

Working closely with David has helped me to become crystal clear on my intent for myself, my colleagues, my clients, and my loved ones. The framework and clarity of thinking David has provided is invaluable and his ongoing counsel - and the accountability that comes with it - has led to improved outcomes and has provided me with a sustainable approach to my business and personal life that I will continue to benefit from for years to come.

In my experience, David is Australia’s leading adviser to Senior Executives on Building Trust.

Thanks for all your help over the last 6 months … I really feel that I have received the best value from you. Honestly, the program and YOU have been awesome. Really, really appreciate it all. Thank you.