Why Competent Salespeople Don’t Achieve Sales Targets

Let’s assume for the moment that your sales team consists of competent salespeople. Great … however, there is a huge difference between a salesperson who has competence and a salesperson who applies their competence. Price, Product and Service Parity Most salespeople are selling in a world of price, product and service parity … their competitors’ […]

How Aligned Are Your Intentions With Your Clients’ Best Interest

I’ve been busy with back to back in person and livestream conference presentations this month, so I haven’t had time to post as often here as I would like. However, I was invited to be a guest journalist for CEO World Magazine, and my article on Why Your Intentions Impact Customer Buying Decisions was published […]

Advice from Virginia Woolf on Sales Success

If you read this, you might think I’ve ‘lost it’ and headed off into some out-of-body phase in my life. But have you ever read or heard something that reached so deep into your core that it caused you to reflect on the way you turn up each day and in each moment? I recently […]