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For most of my adult life, I’ve been researching, both academically and experientially what causes people to think, feel, and act the way they do … not just relating to sales and service, but across all roles in business and in our personal lives as well. In the articles you can read here, I share that research.

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Articles & Research | David Penglase

Self-Trust and Sales Success

Many salespeople, even when working in a team, often need to operate with autonomy and this requires Self-Trust. Self-Trust is your sense of confidence, self-compassion,

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Goals and Sales Success

We humans are aspirational goal-seeking beings. Without goals or something to be striving for, you can feel like you are languishing – that something’s missing

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Gratitude and Sales Success

Having gratitude for what you’ve already experienced, acquired and achieved, is one of the most powerful contributors to your well-being and sense of satisfaction in

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Curiosity and Sales Success

Being curious includes your sense of awe, interest, and open-mindedness in whatever life presents to you and in other people’s perspectives, opinions, and actions. How

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