Your Community and Sales Success

How you contribute to and receive value from your community, inside and outside of work, can have a significant impact on your sense of well-being, life-satisfaction and yes … your sales results.

Here’s a question for you to consider:

To what extent do you believe, both inside and outside of work, that you are part of a community that is safe, satisfying, and supportive?

Putting Community in Context

We humans are at our very base ‘herd animals’ … meaning we have an innate drive to belong.

The communities we belong to and participate in can have a direct impact on our sense of well-being and flourishing.

In workplace settings for salespeople, the sense of community you feel can make a big difference to your internal or intrinsic motivation to do the things you need to do to achieve your sales targets.

Intentional and Active Community Involvement

Some people find meaning in the activities they become involved with in their work and personal communities.

In personal settings, that might mean joining the parents and citizens association at your local school. You could belong to a community sports club. You could do charitable work. You could belong to a local church, or simply be friendly with neighbours.

The key here is to find how being part of a community helps you strive to be at your best.

In workplace settings, it can mean being supportive of your colleagues, pitching in to help out others, speaking up when something needs to be said, celebrating your team mates’ successes.


Choose a way in which you are already an active part of your personal or workplace community (or choose one that you might find rewarding).

When you get involved, notice the impact it has on you emotionally and physically.

Being intentionally involved in your local or workplace community, in whatever way you choose, will help you form relationships, express your character strengths and competence, and these are contributing elements to you experiencing positive emotions, physical well-being, and increase your motivation to succeed in sales.

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