Why Your Lack of Attention is Impacting Your Trustworthiness

On a scale of 1 being low and 10 being high, being honest with yourself, how would you rate your clarity and capacity to focus intentionally and mindfully on what really matters in your work and personal life?

For years now I’ve been observing, researching, and concerned that many of us seem to be unintentionally and mindlessly disconnecting from and disengaging with:

  • Each other
  • The ‘real’ physical world around us
  • Our curiosity and critical thinking
  • Our potential for clarity and focus on What Really Matters
  • Our intentional and mindful moral duty to strive to be the best version of ourselves and
  • Striving to live a ‘Good Life’(a meaningful, flourishing, and prosperous life):

Before you dismiss the above as a load of nonsense, I’d like to explore this in a workplace setting.

A Challenge

I have a challenge for you … and yes … I do get the irony that I’m probably distracting you.

The challenge is for tomorrow, notice just how often you get distracted from whatever it is you’re doing by any of the following:

  • Other people around you?
  • The various tech equipment at your fingertips?
  • Your own thoughts?
  • Your own feelings?
  • Your attempts to multi-task?
  • The noise or activities happening around you?
  • The exhaustion of being overwhelmed?

I know I could have put this in a poll, but sorry, I’m a bit over them and would rather you just take a moment (hopefully of positive distraction) to reflect on this.

The Science of Clarity

What we know from a wide range of research, mindful clarity and focus on what really matters in our work and in our lives isn’t always easy.

There are a number of evidence-based strategies you could implement to help regain your focus and attention on what really matters at work and in your personal life.

However, personal awareness and acceptance is the platform from which we can strive to be the best version of ourselves.

So, how aware and accepting are you of the number of times you’re distracted through your day and how aware and accepting are you of the impact it might be having on yourself and on others?

If you are a leader you have the responsibility to create a work environment where your people can flourish and your business can thrive.

As an individual, even if we are not a leader, we have the responsibility and moral duty to strive to be the best version of ourselves … striving to be a person who is constantly focused on demonstrating their character, competence, and consistency to be trustworthy … worthy of other people’s trust.

These themes of clarity, attention, mindfulness, intention, and intentional positive appropriate actions, are key to being able to focus on what really matters in your work and personal life.

Are you ready to regain your focus and intention?

Stay tuned … help is on its way.





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