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I’ve been practicing daily mindfulness this month by following the Action Calendar for Mindful March as I highlighted in a previous post. And I’ve got to say, not only has it been fun to do, it really is helping me be more intentionally mindful in more moments that matter more often.

We’re only half way through March, and if you haven’t downloaded the calendar with the daily actions for mindfulness, I recommend you jump in and give it a crack.

Today’s action, was to ‘Get outside and notice five things that are beautiful’. Now, like all the others so far, how easy is that to do, and it really does put a smile on my face and remind that despite the doom and gloom focus of most of the traditional media, this life is full of beauty and it’s just a matter of tuning into it… and it takes no time at all.

Just some of the benefits I’ve been gaining through these simple, practical daily activities include:

  • being more present;
  • being more thankful and grateful;
  • feeling more open;
  • feeling more calm;
  • and importantly, by having these activities at top of mind throughout the day, keeps me aware of what’s good in the world.

We can get so tuned into noise in our lives – just notice the number of people who are tuned into their earphones and tuned out of their world every day.

I’m not advocating never listening to music or podcasts. What I am advocating for is intentionally, purposefully tuning into silence.

The biggest barrier for most of us is finding the time to do that… and I’ve now found the solution.

This brilliant 5.35 minute youtube video has had over 1.5 million hits and will teach you how to ‘Meditate In A Moment’ (and I really like how Martin Boroson explains that using 1 minute puts a start and end time on a moment). Yep… 1 minute meditation – I challenge you and encourage you to find one minute to practice this.

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