Trusting Others and Sales Success

Few things in life are achieved without the collaboration and support of others.

This is true for your sales success.

Even though much of success will be determined by your own activities, your capacity to trust others, and for others to trust you will also have a significant impact on your sales success.

Propensity To Trust

Your propensity or capacity to trust others will be based on your experiences of trusting others in the past.

To place your trust in others takes courage … not the ‘save the world’ type of courage, rather, just to have the courage to take the risk that others will live up to their promises.


In your sales role, make a list of the people you need to depend on.

For each person you’ve listed, using a scale of 1 is low and 5 is high, how would you rate your trust in each of these people.

Then ask yourself, why you’ve based your rating in that way. What was it they have done or not done for you to trust or not trust them?

Next, thinking about who might influence your success, make a list of other people who you could place your trust in (not on the first list).

Now ask yourself, what tasks or collaborative activities might you seek to do with them to help you achieve your goals.

Also ask what you could do to help them achieve their goals.

Beware Blind Trust

Completing the above activity can help you think deeply about the relationship you have and how those relationships influence your success (and how your relationship with them influences their success).

There is no doubt, as the research shows, trusting others is key to our well-being.

However, blindly trusting others is fraught with danger.

Hold other people to account for the trust you place in them.

Putting Your Trust in Action

To avoid blind trust, when you place your trust in someone this week to get something done for you, check in with them to see what you can do to support or help them achieve whatever it is you’re trusting them to do.

When people know you trust them, and that you’ve got their back to support them (if needed), you are building stronger trust relationships.

Paradoxically, the more you trust other people, the more trust you will see others will place in you.

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