The Power of Self-Reflection in Sales

Here’s a challenging bit of research, and at the end of this post, a gift for you that will help you take positive action based on the research.

There is now substantial evidence-based, peer reviewed research that suggests most of us tend to overestimate our own competence … and it can have a significant negative impact on our personal and organizational success.

Not you … right?

The Problem

It was Henry Ford who is quoted as saying: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

If you’re a sales or service manager, or you are a professional adviser, salesperson, or service provider, now is a great time to take the advice of Henry Ford.

Even if you’re not overestimating your own competence, and you’re confident that you’re not just doing the same old – same old, then investing time in reflecting on your competence (and process for success) is a worthwhile exercise.

The Solution

To help you do just that, you can access a complimentary on-line self-assessment (no sign-up, or contact details required), that will allow you to check in on your competence and process for the following:

– trust-building,
– positive influencing,
– asking value-discovery questions
– presenting value-based solutions
– identifying and managing obstacles or objections
– gaining commitment to proceed
– staying in touch to earn and build advocacy, repeat and referral business.

Here’s the link to the self-assessment.

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