Success-Beliefs of Salespeople

Effective sales leaders don’t remind, badger and pressure salespeople about sales targets … and if you’re a sales leader who is doing just that … stop it!

Once effective sales leaders have communicated the expected sales results to their salespeople, their focus is not on the number, it’s on coaching and nurturing the success-beliefs of their salespeople, individually and collectively.

Here are ten success-beliefs that every sales leader needs to understand and be nurturing and coaching their salespeople on (and if you’re a sales or service person, take a moment to rate yourself using 1 is a low/negative belief and 10 is a strong/positive belief):

  1. Belief in their products/services – Do they strongly believe that what you offer as products or services create significant value for your clients and that clients perceive they have made a fair investment for the value that they will receive?)
  2. Belief in their role – Do they take personal pride in their sales role, and do they view what they do as creating significant value for both their internal colleagues and external clients?
  3. Belief in organizational support – Do they feel they have the full support (systems, processes, technology, resources) they need to successfully undertake all their activities and meet or exceed their clients’ expectations?
  4. Belief in self – Do they have confidence in their own competence to undertake the necessary actions and communications activities essential to provide win-win solutions for their clients and in so doing, provide value for their company?
  5. Belief in delivery – Are they confident that they can always deliver what they promise to their clients?
  6. Belief in activities – How well do they understand the activities that are essential to their success in their sales role, and to what extent do they pursue and complete each of these activities?
  7. Belief in my development – To what extent do they receive regular, meaningful feedback and coaching to assist in their personal development as a sales professional?
  8. Belief in opportunity – How strongly do they believe in the possibility of achieving their sales and personal goals?
  9. Belief in rewards and recognition – To what extent do they believe that the rewards and recognition they receive for what they do are fair and reasonable?
  10. Belief in values – How strongly do they believe that they are able to live up to their personal values in the pursuit of achieving their work goals?)

Effective sales leaders realize and constantly work on the required personal and professional development mix of both mindset and skillset for their salespeople.

If you are looking for more success in sales and service in 2024, don’t just focus on sales targets, focus on beliefs.

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