Self-Trust and Sales Success

Many salespeople, even when working in a team, often need to operate with autonomy and this requires Self-Trust.

Self-Trust is your sense of confidence, self-compassion, and control to be the best version of yourself.

Your sense of ‘self’ is one of the contributing elements upon which others will form opinions about your trustworthiness.

Self-Trust is not Ego

There is a significant difference between having a big ego and having self-trust.

If you let your ego get too big, you can become arrogant, and that puts trust at risk.

However, that is not to say having a big ego and confidence in who you are and the value you can create is a bad thing.

In fact, having an air of ‘humble arrogance’ can be inspiring.

I know that I have crossed this line of ego at times during my professional and personal life with negative consequences.

What about you?

Self-Trust and Trustworthiness

Your self-trust is based on your own belief in your character, competence, and consistency in behaviour.

Whereas, your trustworthiness is others’ belief in your character, competence, and consistency in behaviour.

This is why you first need self-trust before you can be considered trustworthy by others.

In sales, your success is therefore dependent on both your self-trust and of course, your trustworthiness.


None of us is perfect.

Being honest with yourself, select one habit or activity that you know is not aligned with your personal values and not moving you toward being the best version of yourself.

Take action this week to do it less – or even better replace it with some other, more positive activity.

As you intentionally and mindfully work on your self-trust you are tapping into your sense of self-determination (your sense of autonomy, competence, and relatedness), all of which the evidence shows will release more intrinsic motivation for you to achieve more in life.

25 Contributing Elements to Living a Good Life

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