Self-Mastery and Sales Success

In 2024 my research will be focused on how a commitment to strive for Self-Mastery will increase your success in your personal and professional life … especially in the field of Sales.

This is not my opinion … this is science-backed!


Self-mastery is an aspirational journey of learning and growth, and does not have a destination or end point where you will be able to say … “Well, I’ve achieved that!”.

It is striving to be a values-aligned, best version of yourself.

None of us is perfect … we will all make mistakes. However, along any journey of personal or professional growth, there are checkpoints where you can reflect, assess, adjust, and celebrate your movement toward self-mastery.

Below is a list of sub-topics on which I will be exploring the latest in evidence-based research, and sharing practical tips and strategies that you will be able to put into action.

I’m personally excited about sharing this with you through 2024 and invite you to let me know which topics resonate with you, and if you think I’ve missed an important topic you’d like me to explore for you, let me know that as well.

Self-Mastery Topics:

1. Emotional agility
2. Mindful engagement
3. Supportive relationships
4. A sense of meaning in life
5. Personal growth and accomplishment
6. A sense of autonomy
7. Physical health
8. Financial health
9. Optimism
10. Resilience
11. Career
12. Community
13. Curiosity
14. Willpower and grit
15. Gratitude
16. Goals
17. Integrity
18. Self-trust
19. Trust others
20. Earn others’ trust
21. Forgiveness
22. Kindness
23. Humour
24. Values
25. Emotional Intelligence

25 Contributing Elements to Living a Good Life

Each of these topics are covered in detail in my book LIVING in the Light of Day.

If you haven’t got your copy yet (in hardcover, paperback, kindle/ebook or audiobook versions), you can Buy It Here.

That’s it for now … stay tuned for the first topic on Emotional Agility.

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