Pursue Meaning Not Purpose

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Motivational self-help pundits tell us to find our purpose in life and live it to its fullest.

Sounds good … inspirational even. But what if the more you search for “A” purpose in your life, the less meaningful your existing life can seem?

What if the pursuit of a purpose in life is doing you more harm than good?

The evidence-based research is clear on this.

If you are one of the lucky few who has discovered your purpose in life and have the capacity to pursue and live your life in fulfillment of your purpose, you will experience higher levels of life satisfaction and well-being.

However, if in the pursuit of discovering your purpose in life, you’re left with more questions than answers, the evidence also clearly shows that this often can have a negative impact on your sense of life satisfaction and well-being.

So, what to do?

The answer is surprisingly easy … pursue meaning in life rather than a purpose in life. And the source from which most, if not all of us can find more meaning is through our relationships.

2 Powerful Resources to Invest in a more Meaningful Life

1.   Start with Gratitude – one of the most powerful resources you have to invest to make life more meaningful … more full of meaning, is to start with being grateful for all you have in your life. Not just the ‘things’ you possess, but the relationships you have and the experiences you have with others in those important relationships. While this seems too simplistic, the powerful truth is being grateful, especially for the relationships you have, ignites your sense of living a more meaningful, flourishing and prosperous life.

2.   Get Intentional – another powerful resource you have to invest is your intentions. When you get clear about what your want FOR others in your important relationships, rather than getting sucked in to only thinking about what you want FROM others in your life, you release the power of altruistic-reciprocity … the more genuine positivity you give out, the more genuine positivity you will get back in your life. Each of which (the giving and the receiving) boosts your sense of meaning, flourishing and prosperity.

To help you further think about pursuing meaning in your life rather than purpose, the team at Action For Happiness have put together 31 daily actions you can practice through the month of May to experience more meaning in your life … but don’t just do these in May … these are actions for life.

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