Personal Growth and Sales Success

One observation that concerns me about our modern world is the increasing opportunities for you to be enticed by motivational gurus, influencers, marketers or advertisers all wanting you to fall into the ‘Success Trap’.

Rather than being clear on what is most important and what really matters to you, you can get caught in the Success Trap when you:

  • chase other people’s definition of success and expectations
  • try and keep up with the Joneses
  • are in a downward spiral of social comparison, rather than being clear about what is most important and what really matters to you.

Strive For Personal Best

A more meaningful, less stressful, practical and achievable path is to base your success on personal growth and striving to be the best version of yourself.

In sales, your customers will be drawn to your character, competence and consistency – the three core elements of trustworthiness.

When you have a commitment to life-long learning and the application of your competencies to make life better for your customers, they will want to do business with you, rather than do business with salespeople who only have self-interest as their driving intention to make sales.

Personal growth and achievement are intertwined with so many other contributing elements to living a good life. If we are not learning, we are not growing, and if we are not growing, we can quickly start to languish and not have that sense of achievement that is so important to us flourishing in life.

We often move quickly from day to day and week to week, ready to start whatever is next in our lives. The problem is, most of us achieve both small and big things in our lives more often than we realise, and we often forget to look back and reflect on what we have achieved.


Take a moment at the end of this week and reflect on (a) a small or large achievement you have accomplished in your sales role … don’t just focus on a sales result … look for other achievements, and (b) what you have learned or re-learned that will help you strive to be the best version of yourself and live a good life.

25 Contributing Elements to Living a Good Life

This topic of Personal Growth is just one of 25 contributing elements to living a good life that I write about in my book LIVING in the Light of Day.

If you haven’t got your copy yet (in hardcover, paperback, kindle/ebook or audiobook versions), you can Buy It Here.

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