LIVING in the Light of Day

This is the draft cover of my latest book – LIVING in the Light of Day: Applying positive psychology and the science of intentional trust to help you flourish and be at your very best.

This is my best book so far and I’m extremely proud of it.

I’ve been researching and writing this for almost 18 months now, and COVID has given me some ‘breathing space’ to get it finished … and that’s why I haven’t posted to my blog this month.

The book is an evidence-based guide on how to Build Character, Earn Trust and Act with Integrity, and here’s what Michael Steger says about the book:

“From the opening reflections to the expansive list of 25 qualities of a good life, we are treated to a patient and understanding guide on how to grow into a trustworthy driver of your own life – and a trustworthy companion in the better world we all need to build together. While news stories abound of crooks and swindlers dodging consequences and living large on their crimes, Living in the Light of Day reminds us that true wealth, success, and happiness are built on a foundation of trust.”
Michael F. Steger, PhD
Speaker, Professor, and Director of the Center for Meaning and Purpose
Colorado State University

To give you an idea of what is covered here is the table of contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The science of intention
Chapter 3. Developing your intentions
Chapter 4. A fresh look at trust
Chapter 5. Three lenses of trust
Chapter 6. The confidence and control for self-trust
Chapter 7. The courage and collaboration to trust others
Chapter 8. The character, competence, and consistency to earn others’ trust
Chapter 9. A meaningful, flourishing, and prosperous life
(Includes: 25 contributing elements to living a good life questionnaire and implementation plan)
Chapter 10. It’s not like a take-away pizza
References and Notations

The content, strategies and tips in this book on how to flourish and be at your very best are not opinionated self-help ideas … there are 145 references to evidence-based scientific research guiding how we all can live more meaningful, flourishing and prosperous lives.

Here’s what Dr. Simon Longstaff says about the book:

“David Penglase takes an established principle, Justice Brandeis’ famous ‘Sunlight Test’, and invests it with additional depth and renewed relevance. His conclusion that a good life is one in which we become the best version of ourselves invites deep reflection – on many levels – in the best tradition of philosophy.”
Dr Simon Longstaff AO
Executive Director, The Ethics Centre

The book hasn’t been published yet (we are aiming for early 2021), but if you would like a gift .pdf version of the first chapter, please email me and I will gladly provide it to you via return email.

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4 Responses

  1. Congratulations David!

    Exciting times for you launching your book. Yes, I love learning – we must learn everyday to grow and contribute. I’m keen to read your first chapter.

    Warmest regards,
    Rosa Slaiman

    1. Thanks Rosa, nice to hear from you. Yes … you certainly are a great example of a ‘life-long-learner’. First and last chapters are on their way to you. Warmly,

  2. Hey!!! I knew you would be far off writing another book! Let’s catch up soon!

    With very best wishes,


    1. Good to hear from you Colette. Once the borders are open, I’m sure we will be able to arrange that. A copy of the first and last chapters of the book are on the way to you. Warmly, David

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