Integrity and Sales Success

I have no doubt you consider yourself as a person of the highest integrity.

Most of us do.

However, just like our trustworthiness, while our own sense of our integrity is important, the question for you is this:

Do other people believe you to be a person who demonstrates integrity?

What is Integrity Anyway?

Your integrity is a demonstration to yourself and others that you are authentic, truthful, and always striving to act in alignment with your personal values.

In his book Integrity, Dr Henry Cloud identifies six qualities of character that define integrity. They are:

  1. the ability to connect with others, earn, build, and maintain trust
  2. being a realist and understanding that life isn’t always easy
  3. a focus on and track history of getting things done
  4. a realisation that life is about solving problems – and there are plenty to solve
  5. a commitment to self-improvement
  6. an awareness of and reverence to a bigger life view beyond self-centredness.

How would you rate your integrity based on these qualities?

Whatever your self-rating, understand this:

Integrity is not one thing; it is a combination of character traits demonstrated in action and consistently throughout life.


Read through the six qualities of character above and select one to work on over the next week.

Ask yourself what you could start, stop, or continue to do that will build this quality of integrity in your life.

Integrity is a combination of character traits in action, and when you consistently demonstrate your integrity, you will notice more trust develop in your life.

As you earn more trust in your personal and professional life, more opportunities for goal achievement, personal development, and success will present themselves to you.

25 Contributing Elements to Living a Good Life

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