How You Contribute To Your Reality

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In our financial adviser’s most recent newsletter (which always has something of value for Liz and me), there was a web link to this question “What do you believe about money?”

The web link was to a much bigger question that was posed in a TED talk by Isaac Lidsky which was “What reality are you creating for yourself?”

In this talk, which I’m recommending you click on the link below to take a look at, he summarises what he suggests are the eight keys to living a life with your eyes wide open.

As you read each of these, even though you’ll have read, watched or heard similar motivational advice elsewhere, if you’re anything like me, there’s a reality slap in this inescapable wisdom.

  1. Hold yourself accountable for every moment, every thought, every detail
  2. See beyond your fears
  3. Recognise your assumptions
  4. Harness your internal strength
  5. Silence your internal critic
  6. Correct your misconceptions about luck and success
  7. Accept your strengths and your weaknesses and understand the difference
  8. Open your heart to your bountiful blessings.

In my book Intentionomics – the impact of your intentions on living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life, I outlined 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life which are:

  1. Define what a prosperous life is for you
  2. Take stock of your truth about you
  3. Define your intention for each life role
  4. Control your inner-voice
  5. Develop intentional success habits
  6. Pursue intentional aspirational goals
  7. Build intentional trust relationships
  8. Develop a thirst for learning
  9. Make intentionally wise choices and decisions

While my nine and Lidsky’s eight suggestions might not cover all that it takes to live well and to be the best version of yourself… they’re a pretty good place to start and use as a checklist.

Here’s the link to watch the TED talk


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