How to make June more Joyful

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As a researcher and practitioner of positive psychology, I’m always on the lookout for practical and evidence-based strategies to help us live more meaningful and flourishing lives.

The team at Action For Happiness have come up with a really useful and practical one-page calendar for the month of June with each day providing a different evidence-based strategy to bring more joy in your life, and they’ve cleverly called it Joyful June.

Here’s the link to download the calendar.

I’ve had a quick look over it and today, the 1st of June starts with the recommendation we embrace the power of gratitude. The aim for us in June… every day in June, is to start and end each day by being thankful for what’s already good in our lives. Rather than focusing on what we still want in our lives, being thankful for the good that is already present in our lives has been shown by a vast array of research to be one of the most powerful, profound and effective ways to boost our overall sense of life-satisfaction and well-being.

On the 27th of this month the calendar suggests ‘Be kind to you’. Many of us have got so much going on in our professional and personal lives, it can be easy to be so busy with life, we forget to look after ourselves. Our future selves needs our current selves to be looking after us. I know that’s a bit weird to think about, but it really is about self-trust… the confidence we require to trust ourselves. This is just another practical and evidence-based way the Action for Happiness calendar can help us all do practical things to boost our capacity to live more meaningful and flourishing lives.

So if you want a surefire way of boosting a little warmth and positivity in your life over this first month of winter, I encourage you to take a look at how to make June more joyful.



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