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My intention with each of these posts is that you’re challenged to interrupt the noise and routine in your life, just for a moment, to think more deeply about what really matters in life… your relationship with yourself and with others in your professional and personal life.
Action Summary
  1. Seek out mentors and coaches who can help you gain clarity
  2. Take action on advice that helps you build competence and character

The WHY:

If you’ve ever been to an optometrist to have your eyes checked, you will more than likely have experienced the optometrist placing different strengths of eye glass over one eye and then the other until a certain combination results in the return to 20:20 (or near to) vision.

Clarity about who you need to be and what you need to do to bring more trust into your professional and personal life, might sometimes need you to look through a different lens.

Building intentional trust relationships with mentors, coaches, and people who are achieving at levels and in areas where you would like to be achieving, can provide you with advice to allow you to see life through a different lens.

Developing this desire to build your competence and character through seeking, listening, learning and implementing the advice you gain from these mentors can help you gain more clarity around who you need to be and what you need to do to be successful in your professional and personal life.

Otherwise, the danger is you just keep seeing things through your own lens and while this can be comfortable, it can also be quite restrictive. Being courageous enough to challenge your own lens of seeing the world isn’t easy, but is necessary for personal and professional growth.

Who are your mentors?  Who is coaching you? What intentional trust relationships do you need to be working on right now to help you gain clarity?

Persian poet, Jalal Rumi wrote:

“Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart.”

My best to you for now, and remember when you intentionally improve the life of others in your professional and personal relationships, you set up the power of reciprocity … what you give out, you get back.

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