Goals and Sales Success

We humans are aspirational goal-seeking beings.

Without goals or something to be striving for, you can feel like you are languishing – that something’s missing in your life.

In your personal life, having and pursuing goals you truly believe are achievable, helps bring meaning and purpose to your life.

If you’re in a sales role, your sales ‘goals’ or targets are often set by management.

When those targets are perceived to be too high by salespeople, this can lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm.

However, when you focus less on the sales target, and set, focus on and pursue activity goals to help you find, win and retain clients, this can lead to higher feelings of self-determination … which motivates and drives goal-producing results.

You Don’t Need To ‘Reach for the Stars’

Goals don’t have to be ‘reach for the star’ type of aspirations for them to have a positive impact on your well-being.

For example, research shows the easy task of setting a daily ‘to do’ list and crossing off each item as you complete it can boost your sense of self-determination and achievement.


If you’re not in the practice of setting a daily ‘to do’ list, give it a go.

Think about where you are, what you’ve experienced so far, and what you have in your life.

While being grateful for these, get curious and think about what else you might like to have, experience, learn, or do to help you strive to be at your best and live a more meaningful, flourishing, and prosperous life.

Avoid the ‘Success Trap’ in Goal Setting

The important part of goal setting that many people miss, is to be careful not to get caught in the success trap of social comparison and wanting to keep up with the Joneses.

When setting personal or professional life goals, whether short, medium, or long-term goals, ask yourself this:

How will the pursuit and achievement of this goal help me strive to be at my best, improve the lives of those around me, and help me live an even more meaningful, flourishing, and prosperous life?

I do encourage you to try the ‘to do list’ activity. When you do, notice the feelings of positivity and achievement as you cross off the items you complete.

25 Contributing Elements to Living a Good Life

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