Are You as Trustworthy as You Think

If I asked if you think you are trustworthy, I’m assuming you, like most people, would say “Yes!”.

Here’s the thing though … what really matters is whether other people, friends, family, colleagues, and customers believe you are trustworthy.

Let’s consider three contributing elements upon which others will typically base their decision on whether to trust you or not.

1. Competency

Do you have and demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and attributes that others will determine to be sufficient for you to be able to do what they want or need you to do?

In business settings, this includes not only your competence, but also, your clients’ perceptions and beliefs about how well your company’s products or service(s) will meet their wants, needs and expectations.

2. Character

Do you have and demonstrate integrity, and an intention to genuinely want to promise only what you can deliver and deliver on your promises.

In workplace settings this includes not only how customers perceive the ‘way’ you go about doing your business with them, but also their perceptions and belief that your intention is based on doing what is best for them and other customers.

3. Consistency

Do you demonstrate consistency in your competence and in your character … especially in difficult situations?

In workplace settings, especially in competitive and disruptive times, the consistency in which you demonstrate your competence and character will create moments of truth where your clients choose whether to do business with you, continue to do business with you and whether they will recommend and refer others to your business.

Don’t Take Your Trustworthiness For Granted

In your personal life, your trustworthiness will directly impact your relationships, and your capacity to live a meaningful, flourishing and prosperous life.

In your business life, your trustworthiness will directly impact your relationships … with your clients, suppliers, colleagues, leaders, and community.

In both cases, your trustworthiness isn’t something you ought to just take for granted.

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