3 Behavioral Change Myths You Need To Challenge.

Each of the following myths can impede successful behavior change.

However, if you take the alternative approaches suggested, you’ll soon discover just how easy it is to achieve successful behavior change.

1. Behavior change takes time.

It’s true that habits take time to break and form, and mastery certainly takes time to be achieved.

However, to change a behavior can be instantaneous.

Choose to stop doing something or choose to start doing something and you’ve changed a behavior.

You haven’t changed or created a habit and you haven’t achieved mastery, but you most certainly changed a behavior by taking immediate action.

2. Focus on Stretch-Goals.

Don’t just focus on stretch-goals, instead, focus on taking small, doable steps by setting and completing activity-goals.

Science validates people who focus on an intention to complete activities that are likely to achieve a goal, are more likely to be more successful than people who focus an intention to achieve a goal.

3. Set Rewards on Outcome or Goal Achievement.

If the only reward is on achieving the goal, you’re missing one of the most powerful motivators we know in behavior change.

When you reward and celebrate Proof of Progress toward an end goal achievement, you reinforce the importance of achieving activity goals, and reinforce the reality that behavior change (and the rewards of behavior change) can be instantaneous.

Rewarding Proof of Progress can be a simple ‘well done’ acknowledgement, or when appropriate, something more substantial.

Just A Reminder

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So, just a reminder, if you’re planning a conference, professional development program, or know of one coming up in your company, I’d welcome the opportunity to help out.

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